About Us

Jude Thaddaeus is the culmination of one mans path in life, encompassing over three decades of experience and interactions with a disordered eidetic mind and minds of a similar nature.
We at Jude Thaddaeus seek to expose and eliminate all stigma driven negative practices within current mental health substance misuse treatment services. Those that have allowed poor provision, unethical, discriminatory, and harmful practices, both to the individuals and our community, a first line public treatment option that masquerades as industry standard in helping the real victims of society’s failing War on drugs.
The failings perpetrated in this charade are heard in a resounding fashion, in the screams of torment echoing round an overcrowded prison estate already failing in its own rehabilitation provision and in the troubled, uneasy, drug induced sleep of the homeless dependent, shunned for being unable to cope with poor mental health, forced to resort to self-medicating, trapping themselves in an ever expanding cycle of misery that ends up affecting all levels of society, in one manner or another.
As a society we seem to criminalise co morbidities and point to this as evidence of good clinical practice, while leaving the patient drowning in discrimination.
We seek to address these failings and provide a level playing field in the pursuit of clinical excellence, individual personal success, and harm reduction.