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Here at Jude Thaddaeus the race is on to adopt methods that help the individual accept and understand their life impacting emotional behaviour problems. Founded on the principles of harm reduction and based on over three decades of lived mental health driven hands on experience, We seek to provide an innovative collaborative approach to the field of Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) treatment services by assisting you to achieve agreed targets through a combination of therapy, education and training, setting, and services. If you cannot look on the bright side, we will sit by your side in the dark until you can.

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Drop in Detoxification Unit

Jude Thaddaeus operates a 24 hour seven day a week drop in Detoxification Unit.
At this moment in time, this is only a substance free detox, although medical detox is in our future plans.
Our unit provides a therapeutic approach to the detoxification process. If you have a substance dependency, detox is an unavoidable part of the recovery process, you cannot avoid, delay nor deny it, it must be accomplished.
Few, due to past negligent prescribing or length and strength of dependency, cannot live without the opioid balancing out their normal, their systems are permanently altered so living medication free is not an option for them.
Here, we pay attention to the most minute detail of your bespoke individual therapy plan. This part of the journey will be almost your toughest challenges and it is here where Jude Thaddaeus provide every assistance from the physical, to the mental, we adopt a holistic approach, trying to treat your every disadvantage together, this is a difficult mountain climb you no longer need face alone.
Confidentiality and privacy assured, here we provide you a place to strip yourself bare, upon hitting your target, you will move on to the next stage or your journey, our residential placements.


3-6 Month Residential Placements

Jude Thaddaeus residential placements provide the optimum surroundings that allows you to embark on an often traumatic personal healing journey.
Located in a secure comfortable location, The House of Jude raises the benchmark of quality, diversity and equality in Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) therapy services.
By focusing on the importance of achieving the optimum settings, we allow you to fully focus inwards, giving your attention and commitment to the task at hand. Here at Jude Thaddaeus we believe something is only impossible when you believe it so, because of this belief, the impossible is challenged daily, pushing the boundaries in the pursuit of achieving personal excellence and success in reaching your planned targets and goals


Proactive Mobile Welfare Unit (MWU)

Jude Thaddaeus innovative new approach, our Battle Waggon is the ultimate in proactive treatment of Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) therapy.
Delivered to our community in partnership with, the mobile welfare unit allows Jude Thaddaeus to take facilities wherever they might be needed the most, providing us with the flexibility to adopt and maintain a proactive response instead of remaining a static, reactive service.
Incorporating the latest in technology and treatment options our Proactive Mobile Welfare Unit (MWU) helps us get right up into the heart of the issue.
When you cannot look on the bright side, we try everything to be able to sit with you in the dark until you can.

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Bespoke Individual Therapy Plans

Here at Jude Thaddaeus we recognise and acknowledge the epic proportions of a personal journey through individual traumas and Compulsive Problematic Behaviours (CPB).
Using the underpinning principles of a harm reduction approach, coupled with cutting edge neuroscience techniques, together, we design your mental road map to personal success. 
With this important tool, we constantly monitor your personal progress and evaluate the performance indicators of the individual components that comprise your therapy plan and allows for any necessary modifications to assist you and provide for you the best platform to achieve your personal growth, achieve your goals and to consistently hit your constantly improving targets.


Neuroscience Based Behaviour Analysis (NBA)

An experimental analysis of behaviour with work on stimulus equivalence. This in house designed course uses the discipline of Neuroscience to look at the subconscious mind and it's role in Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB).
By teaching you the principles behind the Neuroscience Theory ‘we are our brain’, Jude Thaddaeus seek to teach you a deep mind tool kit to enable you to identify your trigger patterns and explore appropriate harm reduction strategies that mitigate their Compulsive Problematic Behaviours (CPB) and the associated harms to yourself, your community and society at large.
This analytical therapy is the underlying analysis tool that allows us to develop such comprehensive individual therapy plans to provide a successful road map in the personal journeys undertaken, here at The House of Jude.


Naltrexone Implant

The Naltrexone Implant is a subcutaneous implant that provides the security of opiate/opioid blocking properties. 
This surgical procedure gives you, and those who care for you, added peace of mind by removing forgetfulness as a risk to your recovery. This medication also comes in tablet form.
We do not operate this treatment in house at this time.
Referral subject to assessment and funding approval.


Talking Therapies
Counselling, Bereavement and Behavioural therapies

Talking therapies are tried and tested psychology based treatment programmes that are designed to provide relief in a number of mental health disorders.
Techniques delivered from behaviourism, learned behaviours and environmental influences.
Bereavement counselling helps individuals and families cope with physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive behaviour to loss.
These psychological based services are delivered in partnership with accredited providers. 
All accredited psychology courses are delivered in cooperation with community mental health services, therapies such as dialectical and psychological, and counselling programmes, are an integral part of the recovery programme here at The House of Jude.
These therapies are delivered both, here and on an ongoing basis at the premises of our partner organisations.
No stone is left unturned in our quest to see you achieve success in your goals. Your every success is, for us, also a performance measure, and failure is felt deeply and taken personally by all the team.


ABC Course - Action, Behaviour, Consequence

An in house designed behavioural, cognitive, and counselling psychology based course that teaches you better self-analysis, and awareness towards the role of your subconscious thought in Compulsive Problematic Behaviours (CPB), and provides a platform for identifying, developing and maintaining suitable coping strategies to better facilitate a harm reduction approach.
This course will leave you better prepared to reintegrate into your community, with a deeper understanding of cause and effect.


Counselling - Behaviour and Bereavement

Techniques derived from behaviourism, learned behaviours and environment influences. 
Bereavement counselling helps individuals or families cope with physical, emotional, social spiritual and cognitive behaviour to loss. These psychology based services are delivered in partnership with accredited sister services and are an essential addition in the harm reduction abilities of our therapy program.


Harm Reduction

In house run course that provides an in depth introduction to policies and practices that reduce the harm that you, by consequence of your actions, do to yourselves, your families, your community, and society at large, through your Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) and associated dangerous actions. Harm reduction is a name given to mitigating and reducing harmful behaviours and promotes strategy to reduce risk and encourage healthy reactions.
Every aspect of the services on offer here at Jude Thaddaeus are built around a harm reduction model, the actions covered are thorough and wide raging. By forensically examining risk, we take a comprehensive look from the viewpoints of self, community and society at large.


Recovery and Relapse Prevention Course

Relapse can be a natural part of your recovery process, where you return to Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) and associated actions after a period of abstinence.
This in house designed course sets out to teach you the neuroscience behind your behaviour, showing you how compulsion is rooted in your subconscious mind.
This course will help you turn feelings of failure into positive recognition of understanding and personal growth.
Recovery, when addressing Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB), can be a lifetime process. Working together with Jude Thaddaeus, you will learn behaviours that assist in keeping you walking the right paths on your personal recovery journey.


Music Relaxation Therapy (MRT)

In house designed course that seeks to utilise the full power and potential of music therapy.
This therapy draws upon the innate qualities of music to support individuals of all ages and abilities, this is an experimental therapy and may not be universally suitable for everyone.
Here we explore and utilise the relaxing properties of bi-neural beats and attempt to measure the stress releasing properties of isochronic tones. This therapy programme seeks to prove the worth of music in Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CBT) therapy services beyond a reasonable doubt by making music a central ingredient in the overall setting and tranquillity when embarking on your personal journey, here, at The House of Jude.


Exposure Response Prevention  (ERP) Therapy

In house designed course based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and used as an important tool in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 
The Exposure part of the ERP takes an objective look at your thoughts, feelings, objects and situations that can trigger your Compulsive Problematic Behaviours (CPB).
The Response prevention element of ERP teaches you about identifying your position, and shows methods to help you choose not to allow yourself to engage in Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB), how to adopt and implement pre planned coping strategies that encourage and facilitate a harm reduction approach, and boost your ability to be totally responsible for your own behaviour.
Attendance will allow you to manage your subconscious neural pathway initiated behaviours and encourages you to make a commitment to manage compulsion by not engaging in the harmful behaviours that impact so many people in such a comprehensive manner.

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Overdose Awareness and Naloxone Infusion Course

In house designed course that explains the harmful behaviours associated with Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) and provides lifesaving harm reduction techniques.
This two part programme teaches essential information on overdose awareness, using Naloxone infusion in overdose situations, and helps give you the knowledge that can enable you, should you be called on, to recognise the signs of chemical overdose and act decisively. This course will improve your situational awareness to harm reduction and undoubtably save lives.


Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST) Awareness Course

In house designed course that provides an in depth look at the pros and cons of the two different sub types of medication employed in Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST), Methadone Hydrochloride and Buprenorphine Hydrochloride.  
Here we explore the origins of its creation and its use as a substitute treatment. We analyse the opioid and its distinguishing features that differentiate it from the opiate, not only pharmacologically but also the physiological and psychological sides as well. 
This course is designed to provide you with as much information as possible before any subsequent referral for the prescription side of Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST). It helps identify and inform you of all the associated side effects of the Opioid.
This course promotes a sensible, fully informed approach to methadone maintenance therapy (MMT), in the treatment of Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB), that fully complies with our central harm reduction platform.
Here at Jude Thaddaeus, we provide you with all the psychosocial programmes we can to assist you on your recovery journey


Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST)/Prescription Referral

At Jude Thaddaeus, referring for assessment for the prescription side of Opioid Substitute Therapy (OST) is considered a last resort harm reduction approach, something is better than nothing. 
The Opioid Substitute side of OST is NOT currently offered direct at Jude Thaddaeus, to comply with home office regulation, this service is by referral to authorised licenced prescriber.

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Anger Management and NVR Course

Delivered in partnership with local providers, this course uses an in house designed course in conjunction with a successful psychological behaviour therapy. Primarily used before as a parenting/social care initiative to enable a non-violent end to a child/parent conflict. 
Adapted for adults, this course is designed to aid you identify the triggers of your Compulsive Problematic Behaviours (CPB) including stress, mental health, conflicts within family and community, to identify and promote appropriate coping strategies, and to express and resolve your issues in an appropriate and acceptable way.

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SSRI Withdrawal Syndrome (SWS) Awareness Course

In house designed course that takes you on an exploratory journey through the often not fully explained side effects of todays most popular prescribed anti-depressant, Sertraline hydrochloride – Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI).
Here we teach you about the signs and dangers of Serotonin Syndrome, the now medically recognised SSRI withdrawal syndrome (SWS), and look at appropriate responses if/when confronted with such a situation.
This course promotes a sensible, fully informed approach to medication assisted therapies in the treatment of depression that fully complies with our central harm reduction platform.


Personal and Life Skills Course

In house designed course that promotes harm reduction in conjunction with a healthy living approach.
Here we look at all aspects of independent living from essentials like budgeting and cooking to self care and motivational techniques. We explore the role of self and analyse the impact of Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) on not only you but your community and society at large. By adopting a forensic risk type assessment, we also explore the negative impacts to your personal, and community relationships. We examine the impact to society of harmful behaviours, and look at appropriate individual harm reduction strategies that reduce the overall associated risks.


Education and Training

Education and Training is delivered at Jude Thaddaeus in partnership with local providers and community based business. 
Incorporated into your individual therapy plan, these courses are an essential part of the full, wrap around services, delivered through our Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) therapy programme, helping you to learn new skills, improve self esteem, and contribute to the success of your overall outcome, enhance your employability prospects and bring improvement to your personal circumstances.

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Continuity of Care Unit

At Jude Thaddaeus we know that your issues might not disappear by the time you leave our residential care and through our continuity of care unit, we ensure you have that continued support until you feel you can manage, we stick around to see the job through.
We aim to operate a fully functioning 1-1 mentoring service within 6 months of opening in time to assist our graduates from our first intake.



Jude Thaddaeus runs several group sessions throughout the week, both for our residential programme and on a drop in basis. Check our news page for the latest news on;
Parent and families drop in group,
Peer to peer invite only group,
Vulnerable adult assistance drop in group,
LGBTQ diversity and equality awareness drop in group.


Live Chat

Live chat is a service operated here at Jude Thaddaeus. We understand that Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) can be a lonely road to travel, often severely debilitating family dynamics, it can be an easy road to travel downwards into a chaotic spiral.
Live chat allows us to be there whenever you need advice, or maybe just to communicate with someone in a non-judgemental understanding way. Live chat gives you the option to reach out, we are waiting to try and answer your concerns, confidentiality assured.

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Jude Thaddaeus Legal

Jude Thaddaeus is very lucky to provide an in house criminal law team to assist you with any criminal charges your Compulsive Problematic Behaviour (CPB) may result it.

Using two fully qualified solicitors, we try and leave you with as few worries as possible. That way you can devote all your energies into your recovery.

Jude Thaddaeus also provide legal assistance in D.W.P Mandatory Reconsiderations and Tribunal hearings.

With the intent to expand with a prison law specialist.